What Makes Us Different?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 by Brooke Reninger Duke | studio info

There's probably a ton of different studios and teachers you can choose from in any given area, so what makes Black Cat Beats different? Why choose my studio for your piano lessons? Read on the find all of the benefits and perks of choosing Black Cat Beats Music Studio!

Personally tailored lessons

I don't use the same exact lesson plan with every student. I have certain method books I like, sure, but learning the piano is not a one size fits all approach. I take into account many different factors when planning my lessons, including the student's age, grade, skill level, interest, personality, and goals. Some students, especially younger ones, need a lot of "off the bench" time; they get more games and activities. Some students are naturally gifted and need to move at a quicker pace. Some students prefer a slower pace. I identify the needs of each student and tailor the lesson to fit them. 

Emphasis on fun through learning

People learn best when they can have fun while doing it. While I can't promise that every single second of learning the piano will be fun, I do promise that I try my hardest to make it fun! Games, challenges, prizes, stickers, apps, YouTube videos - these are all things I utilize to make your piano lesson experience anything but boring. I will also take you through many different styles of music, focusing on your favorites whenever possible. 


I have many years of experience teaching the piano, and I have been playing piano myself for almost my entire life. I also have many years of working with children, in addition to extensive training in childhood development, personality types, learning styles, and multiple musical styles. 


I strive to offer my students and families convenience whenever possible. From signing up via my website to paying tuition online via credit card, I make things as convenient for you as possible. 

All the extras!

Your tuition includes not just your private lessons, but also a ton of extras! I provide opportunities for students to perform in low-pressure recital environments, birthday surprises, summer challenges, prizes, online note sharing, monthly newsletters, access to our active Facebook group, and more. 

Family friendly 

I have a toddler myself, so I know how important it is for your activities to work for your whole family. I understand when you need to miss a lesson due to illness or change your lesson slot. I always try to schedule sibling lessons back-to-back on the same day, and I offer discounts for family sign-ups. Not only your student but your entire family is thought of in my lesson structure and policies. 

If you really want to know the differences the Black Cat Beats brings to the table, contact us! We can set up a complimentary interview and you can see for yourself.